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Mission Statement

"The mission of Christian Women's Job Corps is to provide women in need, the development of life skills and employment education classes taught in a Christian context where women mentor women."


Why do women come to CWJC seeking hope?

The reasons are many.  Loss of a job, a husband's death, long term illness of a loved one, even addiction can each have a devastating effect on a woman's life. Hope can be gone in an instant and all future plans and dreams seem impossible to attain.

For some women it is not a sudden, life-changing experience but a lifetime of beliefs and defeats that started in her home as a way of life, passed down from mothers and fathers.  Sometimes escape from these circumstances seems impossible.

Life does not have to continue to be hopeless.  For a woman who is ready to put in the effort and change, CWJC offers encouragement, nurturing and support to become self-sufficient and the ability to provide for family.  CWJC will build up your feelings of worthiness and determination.  Life will be viewed from a different perspective; a perspective of hope. Most importantly you will experience God's love, forgiveness and grace as "women Help women"  through life's journey.  Come join us.  Go to the "our classes" section of this website for more information on classes.



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